Kate Aeon (Holly Lisle) Privacy Policy

I believe your business is no one else's. Your privacy is important to you and to me. So I'll protect the information you share with me. To protect your privacy, I follow the following principles for  customer privacy and data protection.

  • I don’t sell, share, or trade your email address or any other information with anyone.

  • This site is an old-fashioned static HTML page with no data collection, member services, or account creation possible. It contains no Google cross-web tracking, nor any other third-party tracking.

  • The sign-up form for my Kate Aeon email list is provided by my mailing list processor (Drip), which uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect your information from unauthorized users.

The Information I Collect


My website host provides me with raw statistics of the numbers of unique visitors who access this page. It does not collect ANY personally identifiable information. It also does NOT add cookies to your account for visiting the page

  • This site collects raw numbers of clicks, time on page, search terms that brought visitors to the page, and search engines most used, which I find helpful in figuring out how to make my page more “findable” to readers who might be interested.

  • There are no cookes, no Google ads or other ads that track people across websites. This is an old-fashioned static website with no moving parts, no php or other interactive capability, and no database.

  • The single thing you can do here, if you like suspense and paranormal romance, is sign up for the newsletter.


  • The mailing list form collects your email address. I do not offer a place for your name, mailing address, phone number, or any other personal information because I do not wish to collect this information about you.

  • I do not request your “best” email address, because if you don’t know me, you have every right to be cautious, and may wish to use a throwaway address, in case I turn out to be a jerk. At any point, you may change the email address from which you receive my emails by using the link provided on the bottom of each email.

  • When you sign up for the mailing list, you are required to click a “double-opt-in” link that proves the email address with which you joined the list belongs to you. This prevents spammers from signing strangers up to email lists, and serves to protect you and others from internet vermin.


To understand which emails my reader wants to receive from me, and to do my best to send you only what you’ll enjoy receiving, I use segmenting links.

While there are many ways to use segmenting links, here’s how I use mine.

  • In most cases, I note that it’s a segmenting link, and that it will add an identifying tag to your account. I’m human, and may occasionally forget, so even though most of my links are NOT segmenting links, consider that any link I include in an email may add a tag to your account. So the question then becomes, why would I want to add tags, and how do I use them.

  • Example: Let’s say that you particularly like Romantic Suspense, and want to read more of this by me.

  • You click the Romantic Suspense segmenting link, and the tag ROMANTIC SUSPENSE is added to your account.

  • Most of my romance emails will go to all romance readers, but if I’m considering doing a new Romantic Suspense story, and I want feedback on the idea from folks who love the genre, I can use the ROMANTIC SUSPENSE tag to send an email inviting only the folks who are serious fans of the subgenre to read my first draft of the first chapter and let me know if you like the story or not. This lets me only spend time writing stories my readers want to read.


You can close and remove your account entirely from my mailing list at any time using any email you have received from me. Simply go to the bottom of the email, click the unsubscribe link, and remove yourself from anything you’ve added yourself to.

I do not save copies of my data, so when you are removed from the Drip site, you are gone completely.


I have none. I do not share, sell, or trade my email lists with anyone, and never have. Integrity demands that personal information given privately be kept private. If I am subpoenaed, I will obey the law and give the specific information requested from my mailing list to those agencies duly appointed to request it. But these agencies will receive a list of emails and segmenting tags containing writing or reading interest. The personal identifiability of YOUR email address is entirely up to you.


This site has no databases and stores no data, personal or otherwise.

This site does not offer logins, membership areas, or other areas where security might be compromised. Your email address is the only information gathered by this site, and only via a Drip-maintained page on the Drip-secured mailing list website, which uses state-of-the-art data proctection and security. The Drip Privacy Policy is here.

Drip is a complex and feature-rich email service that permits much more data tracking and stats gathering than I’m interested in pursuing. I got it for the segmenting tags (which allow me to NOT bug readers about topics that don’t interest them, while connecting with readers who are interested. If I expand before the very basic features I’m using, I’ll update this policy to reflect that.

If you click a Drip link, I will be able to tell that the person with the email address you gave me clicked that link. Since I don’t collect names, you can use a totally anonymous email address, and I’ll never know anything more about you than that you’re 12345@mail.com.


The Kate Aeon site does not publish content that is targeted to children. 


If for some reason you believe I have not adhered to these principles, please notify me by creating a Help Desk ticket here  and I will do my best to determine and correct the problem promptly. Be certain the words Privacy Policy are in the Subject line.

What I do with the information you share

When you sign up for the Kate Aeon Notification List, you provide me with your email address. I use this information to send you updates about upcoming Kate Aeon books, offers to bug-hunt pre-publication manuscripts, opportunities to vote on cover art, cover copy, story titles, and send other information related to the publishing of Kate Aeon books. I never collect credit card information, nor do I store any information of any kind about my visitors on this site.

Privacy Policy Updated 5/28/2018
Kate Aeon (pseudonym of Holly Lisle)